About Us

Vulume is a new kind of network. It is a place to share the journey of our projects. It is a community passing on knowledge and talent as a resource for future endeavors. This is a collaborative effort to design better, build smarter, work more efficiently, create freely, and learn from each other. It is what we do that defines us. It is what we create that drives us.

Share your journey, tell your story. Vulume is here to help you research, design, build and create better, together.

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We created Vulume with the idea that there is a better way to communicate throughout the life of our projects, whether working individually or with a group of team members. Our goal is to be the place where your projects live; where you can track, share, discover, and capture interesting ideas, images, and information from a global community.

We are on a journey to develop a platform around the things you do and showcase the process and progress in creating our Built Environment. Vulume aims to accelerate the pace at which forward thinking, and creative solutions are designed, developed, and shared. Vulume enables faster and more efficient communication by bringing colleagues, clients, consumers, and the community together helping save time and money on any project from a simple light fixture to a bridge connecting thousands of commuters.

At Vulume we are all designers, planners, researchers, artists, makers, and builders inspired by new ideas and challenged to create an environment for our projects to thrive.

We hope you enjoy using Vulume as much as we enjoy building it for you.

- The Vulume Team